J B Street  Rods


  The start of any frame is the rails, weather they are stock or reproduction   they must be  cleaned  or sandblasted  
before any work begins

The rails have been cleaned and are almost ready to be assembled 

These are reproduction frame rails and will require a little hammer 
and dolly work, the one the right side has been completed

The basis of any frame is the front suspension and all front suspension starts with the cross-member, to the right is the front cross-member  mounted in our frame jig at 5 degrees, this will stop the front spring from twisting when the front axle "I" beam or tubular axle is set at 5 degrees positive caster

These frame rails are a stamping and will require some trimming to
maintain 2 inches in width throughout the entire length

The body will be bolted to 7/16 nuts welded to the upper
frame flange the must be completed before the frame 
is boxed
The frame will be fully boxed  front to rear with 1/8 inch
steel boxing plates and will have 1 by 2 inch 
rectangular cross members this is much 
Stronger than round tubing 
In this picture the chassis is boxed and the rear 
cross member has been installed  
In this photo the rear coil over shock mount is installed.
the passenger side shock mount will be installed at a 
slightly less angle than the drivers side

The rear cross member is being installed in this
picture. The cross member will support the floor of the 
body with this style of cross member and should
provide a rigid mount for the seats
 Lower cross member is being installed in this picture, 
this is constructed using 1"  by 2 " mild steel and it will 
stiffen the frame structurally
 Lower cross member outriggers are being 
installed in this picture, these are also 1" by 2"
mild steel
 Upper cross member is being fitted in this picture,
these are always fitted to the transmission 
being used. that way the center section 
will fit snug to the transmission and
support the body with much
greater area
The cross member is completed in this picture and the 
is mounted on a rotisserie. Next we will be installing 
brake pedal assembly 
The brake pedal is completed in this picture
   Next we will be installing  and attaching the suspension components
The motor mounts have been installed as well
as the front axle here, spindles and disc brake assemblies
 will be next
 Here we have the rear suspension being installed
careful measurement is critical here because this will
determine the wheel base
In this picture the front leave spring notches have 
been cut into the lower frame rail this will allow 
the car to sit low
In this picture the steering box has been installed
as well as the pan hard rod which stabilizes the
front axle
In this picture we have made a combination shock
 absorber and head light mount
In this picture the frame has been notched at the 
rear axle to allow the car to sit low
In this picture we are trying to display 
 the benefit of a good  T I G welder
The frame has been shortened in this 
picture because this frame will be
installed under a highboy with
a trunk mounted fuel tank
The rear axle has been assemble here
and awaits installation

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